New 12v US Battery US12VXC Golf Cart Battery Deep Cycle


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Cart Core Fee

Core Fee $24 ea. for Golf Cart Batteries without old battery exchange.


Product Features:

Battery Guyz batteries are engineered for reliable starting power in all seasons and climates. Battery Guyz car batteries are designed to meet the manufacturer’s power (CCA) requirements for your vehicle, ensuring you get the power you need for a quick start every time. If you are looking for more power, upgrade to the Gold Standard Performance Battery today. Don’t want to bother with installing your new battery? Stop by your nearest Battery Guyz store in Alabama or Florida. Battery Guyz offer helpful advice about a variety of products, including car batteries. Right now we also offer free local pickup to the entire United States of America.

  • 12 Month Free Replacement Warranty
  • 12v Deep Cycle
  • 155AH at 20 HR
  • Dimensions: 13.125″L x 7.0625″W x 11.375″H
  • Replacement of Trojan T-1275 h Deep Cycle Flooded Lead Acid Battery
  • For Golf Carts, RV, Pallet Jacks, Scissor Lifts, Solar, Floor Scrubber and More
  • NO Shipping Local Pickup Only

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