New Batteries VS Reconditioned Batteries

New Batteries– Did you know that 99% of the material of a new battery is recycled material from junk batteries. The only new item in a new battery is the negative and positive battery plates. The life span of a new battery is the same as reconditioned battery 1 to 3 years. It depends on many factors temp, weather and everyday usage. The number one factor any battery goes dead is a bad cell in the negative or positive channels.

Reconditioned Batteries-Many car owners prefer to use reconditioned car batteries over new ones because they are much less expensive.  In most cases, the cost of buying a reconditioned battery is almost half compared to what would be incurred when getting a brand new one. Life span is 1 to 3 yrs.

A reconditioned battery requires only a number of repairs and does not require all the cost involved when building a new one. Due to this, the selling price of a reconditioned battery is significantly less than that of a brand new one.

The average new battery costs between $100 and $135 when new, but a reconditioned one which will give the same service for a fraction of the price

Have a peace of mind when purchasing a reconditioned battery from Battery Guyz we offer warranties up to 2 years. We re-manufacture our brand batteries and do not sell USED batteries.

Used Batteries– Auto recyclers sells used batteries after stripping down salvage automobiles for parts to resell. Normally the battery is tested with a load tester to check for 12 volts, recharged and resold. Battery Guyz do not recharge, we rebuild old batteries.