About us


Battery Guyz Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation that has been servicing the local  market in Pensacola FL since 2014. Battery Guyz Inc. was started by Recycling Environmental Entrepreneur Albert Lamar Reed that saw a niche in the recycled junk core market to create a national brand reconditioning batteries. Every battery we reconditioned is done by hand in the process no assembly line procedure.

Battery Guyz is now licensing the brand of the very best Reconditioned Batteries Done Right! thru established  independent owned battery locations in the U.S.A.

We are the only national brand of reconditioned batteries that offers a National Warranty and reconditioned battery services across the United States.

As you recycle local junk batteries and look to purchase a good quality reconditioned battery , call Battery Guyz. Our go green approach allows us to recycle and resell automotive, commercial, marine, and golf cart batteries for 100% customer satisfaction with every local battery sold to our wonderful communities in the U.S.A.

Vision: To create a national value brand of the very best reconditioned batteries.

Mission: To exceed customer experience and expectations when purchasing a reconditioned batteries on quality, and fair market value.