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Reconditioned Batteries Done Right!

At Battery Guyz in Pensacola, FL you will find the battery you need! We have; automotive batteries | marine batteries | commercial batteries | golf cart batteries and they are all at a fraction of the cost at other locations. We have batteries for all makes and models and specialize in Mercedes, BMW, Ford F150, Dodge Ram, Deep Cycles for Marine, Golf Cart Batteries, and more all at a fraction of the cost, you will pay at retailers and with the same quality. Our batteries start at $30 and come with free replacement of up to 18 months. So call and we will get you cranking in no time.

Quality New & Reconditioned Batteries in Pensacola

All prices include your old battery as a core plus tax. If you do not have your old battery as an exchange at the time of purchase, you will be charged a core charge on top of the price of the battery, plus the taxes. The core charges fluctuate from month to month, according to the lead market at the time. Core charges are also refundable when you return your old battery along with your receipt that you received at the time of purchase.

Local Batteries Available

Automotive Batteries

We have automotive batteries starting at $30 and up to  18 month free replacement. Batteries for any car like; Honda batteries | Mercedes Batteries | BMW batteries & more.

Marine Batteries

We have marine batteries; deep cycle | Starting | Dual Purpose. We locally stock lead acid battery types; gel | flooded | AGM with up to 1 year free replacement.

Golf Cart Batteries

We have golf cart batteries in; 6 volt | 8 volt | 12 volt. All golf cart batteries come with 1 year free replacement so call or come in today.

Commercial Batteries

We have your commercial batteries from trucks like; F150 | F250 | Dodge Ram | Chevy Trucks to; heavy equipment | fork lift | diesel and more.